Die hellenistischen Utopien

Die hellenistischen Utopien




von: Marek Winiarczyk

Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co.KG, 2011

ISBN: 9783110263893

Sprache: Deutsch

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Die hellenistischen Utopien

Despite their marginal existence in research, Utopian novels written in the Hellenistic period were very popular in Antiquity and inspired a number of authors in the modern period (Th. Morus, T. Campanella). This book tries to close this gap in specialist literature: the author takes a close look at various utopian writings, however, the book is not only limited to analysis of the writings, it also discusses their philosophical, historical, ethnographical and geographical context.

Marek Winiarczyk, Universität Wrocław, Polen.