Crafting Humans - From Genesis to Eugenics and Beyond

Crafting Humans - From Genesis to Eugenics and Beyond




von: Marius Turda

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013

ISBN: 9783847000594

Sprache: Englisch

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Crafting Humans - From Genesis to Eugenics and Beyond

'Crafting humans' - and its corollary human enhancement - is a contested topic, both in medical sciences and the humanities. With continuing advances in science and technology, scientists and the general public alike are aware that the basic foundations of the human condition are now at stake. This volume contributes to this growing body of work. It offers insights into some of the reflections and imaginaries that have inspired and legitimated both theoretical and practical programmes for 'crafting' humans, ranging from the religious/spiritualist and the philosophical/cultural to the secular and the scientific/scientistic; from the religious and mystical quest for human perfection to the biopolitical eugenic state of the twentieth century and current theories of human enhancement. This volume discusses these topics in a synchronized way, as interrelated variants of the most central story in history, that of human perfectibility.